Ecological children’s culture in Sagalund

Sagalund museum is the home of the first Finnish children’s cultural center in a museum. The center is active in the entire municipality of Kimitoö and also in the municipalities nearby. Also the activities spread to Sagalund museum, the Dalsbruk Ironworksmuseum and the Björkboda Lockmuseum.

Photo: Jussi Virkkumaa

Sagalund children’s cultural center

The activities in the Sagalund children’s cultural center are based on culturalheritage pedagogics and environmental education. We want to encourage people to use their imagination and all their senses to experience their local environment and to study old ecological ways of life.

The children’s cultural center organizes exhibitions, time travel and workshops in cooperation with local companies, schools and creative operators. We aim to offer activities free of charge to ensure all children have a chance to create and experience culture. We welcome all children and families to play and craft, for example in our workshop room, in a real 1950s school classroom or our play environments where you can play 1920s home, farmer or nurse. All the Kimitoö municipality school children learn to grow food and to take care of their own garden plot together with Sagalund’s gardener. Welcome to Sagalund to get your hands dirty!

Sagalund children’s cultural center is part of the Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centers. The Association is an organisation for professionally driven children’s and youth cultural centerns which strengthen the competence and awareness of children’s culture in Finland. The Association is a forum for cooperation for the members, it administrates projects and offers operators in the children’s culture field a possibility to create networks.


In September 2018 started a new cooperation project of the children’s cultural center. ArtKiosk brings creative making to the schools.

Three days a week one of the schools in the municipality at their turn get a visit from a art teacher. She opens her Kiosk during the longest break. With the art teacher’s guidance all the students get a chance to learn to create something. It is voluntary, fun and planned according to the students’ own wishes. The project is funded by the Finnish ministry of education and culture and implemented in cooperation with the Kimitoö municipality and schools.

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