The Sagalund museum was founded in 1900 by teacher Nils Oskar Jansson around the Vreta school area. As an inspiring and indispensable colleague at the Vreta school all through his life was Janssons own former teacher, author Adèle Weman. The lifework of these two on culture and education continue to bear fruit all the way to present day.

Come to Sagalund and experience culturalheritage!

Sagalund is a museum, a garden and a children’s culture center. The museum is alive with activities that provide our visitors with traditional sceneries and tastes as well as smells and sounds. We don’t simply tell and show – in Sagalund you can try, feel and play to understand what was it like to live before?

The buildings in the museum garden are at the heart of the experience. We cannot describe with words the smell of the old courthouse or how hard the school benches feel like, you have to try yourself. But you can prepare yourself for the visit by reading a bit about some of our main buildings.


In the mainbuilding “Sagalundgården” you can find the ticket sales, the museum shop, the lunchcafe Café Adèle and some small and nice exhibitions as well as a few play environments for the children.


“The living farmhouse” Falla was moved to Sagalund from Kimito Pederså as a Leader project in 2012-2014. The rooms in the building are furnished according to different decades: The hall 1890s, the hallway 1910s, the kitchen 1930s and the rooms from 1950s and 1960s.

The building was donated by the family Meller. Many locals have volunteered to help move the building. Also a group for recollection has started to meet at Falla. The group has discussed the details of local farm houses in different decades.

Also the Sagalund Children’s culture center is active in Falla. For example we use the wood heated baking oven to bake with children.

Also Falla is our new “museum livingroom”. Contact us is you want to organize an event in Falla info(a) tai 02 421738.

More information of the moving project in the Falla blog


The Bakinghouse is located about 1km away from Sagalund museum area towards the center of Kimito, by the health center (Vårdbackavägen 4-6). The local renovation organization Curatio has restores the building as a part of a restoring training project.

The Bakinghouse has a big working wood heated oven, a large working sauna with an old fashioned stove, a large laundry room and a kitchen.

Contact us is you want to organize an event or some kind of activity in the Bakinghouse info(a) tai 02 421738.